The Bride and The Groom

Enjoy this article I read and thought of sharing with you

“Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!”
(Revelation 19:9).
“Come, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb” (Revelation 21:9).

The other night I was reading a portion in a book by Ana Mendez Ferrell. She talks about 3 categories of believers: sons, servants, and the Bride. Sons, she says, are concerned with their inheritance; servants are focused on the eternal rewards for their labors, but the Bride her consuming passion is God Himself.

There’s nothing wrong with being a son or a servant. In fact, when we receive the Lord and become one with His life in us, we naturally grow as both a son and a servant of God. However, there are deeper waters for those who enter into the union of bridal intimacy with Christ.


Concerning the above, there is a distinct difference between the heart posture of the son and the bride. As noted, the son is focused on receiving his inheritance. Certainly, Jesus restored our inheritance to us in full by His precious work on the cross and we should contend to see the manifestation of these blessings in our lives. However, we see the distinction between the son and the Bride in the following way: the son says, “God, give me my inheritance. I lay claim to that which Jesus bought back for me.” The Bride says, “Lord, I know that all You have is mine, and Lord, all I have is now yours. I lay my inheritance down for Your sake and the gospel. What you have given me I now give back to You.”

It seems to me that sonship should ultimately lead each believer into bridal intimacy. However, I have observed that often the son who contends for his inheritance seems to get stuck there and fixated on what’s “rightfully his” in Christ, as opposed to Christ’s inheritance in and through his or her life. As noted above, the bride, on the other hand, goes further than simply contending for her inheritance for she is focused on laying down anything the Lord requires for His sake and that of the kingdom of heaven. This is because her foremost passion is the pursuit of her Beloved – the One who has stolen her heart, the One she cannot live without, the One who is to her as every breath she breathes!

Let us understand then, that the bride of Christ will walk as both a son and a servant but these two things will only serve to draw her closer to her Bridegroom; they will neither compete with nor threaten to replace her identity as His bride. In this way, she exists as a devoted worshipper of the One who, in saving her soul, has already given her more than she could ever ask and dream. And there again is the difference – the son knows of the blessings of God, the Bride knows God Himself and she has been captivated, ruined, enveloped by a love that has become more dear to her than her very life. Hence, for the bride, Jesus is truly everything; for the bride, her inheritance is not simply the manifestation of the Person of Jesus, but Jesus Himself!

Like John, the beloved apostle, the bride, the wife of the Lamb will sit next to Christ, reclining her head upon His breast even for eternity, for she will simply continue to know in heaven, the very intimacy she has pursued and found with Him in this life. I don’t know about you, but the thought of hearing the heart of Him who passionately pursued me – even giving His life for my sake – beating in love for me throughout all eternity that’s something worth giving my own heart to even if it hurts at times to follow even if it costs me to hold fast through the storms even if I must wait a little longer to experience the fullness of the One whose Presence I cannot live without…

And so too the Lord calls aloud to as many as would receive Him as the bridegroom, beckoning you to move beyond the shores of servanthood and sonship into the deep, deep waters of His heart. Yes, He is inviting you to the sacred place reserved for His Bride alone. Time is short¦

“Whom of you will come?”

by Kimberly Lefebvre


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